Feather Lite Roof top Tent

as published in Internet based information from Feather Light and their Distributors in Mar 2009

Appearance Closed

On a flat tray roof rack

on Fullsize 4WD

On a Hilux Dual Cab standard roof rack

368kgs. Options may add weight.
Starts st 36kgs, options such as deflector shield and tropical roof add weight. Typical weight is 40-50kgs
Width of Unit
1300mm wide
1100mm Wide
Height of Unit
250mm high
Length of unit
1240mm (closed)
and there is NO deflector shield
1500mm without deflector shield , 1670mm with deflector shield
Deflector Shield
Not Available

Small deflector is standard, (similar size to ARB unit)

Large deflector shield options


"High Quality Oxford synthetic tent fabric"

Not Breathable

Breathable Australian made Poly cotton

Canvas features:

RIP Stop?

Water proof?

Not Beathable Canvas for Australian Conditions

Elected to not have Rip Stop for improved performance

The waterproofness of the poly cotton canvas is a function of the fineness, tightness of the weave and the position and layers of canvas material over pressure points.

The canvas material used has a "hydrostatic head pressure test of 750mm"

This means a water column 750mm high over the test section of canvas will not allow 1 drop of water through in the test period


Aluminium (not Honeycomb)

Aluminium Honeycomb

Aluminium bows

Tropical Roof or Fly Sheet

Fly sheet used is NYLON

Whilst this is waterproof is does not appow for any material breathing and is better in cool climates.

Tropical roof is same breathable poly-cotton canvas to make a much cooler performance in summer

50 mm high density foam mattress

75 mm medium density foam

Upgrade available to 75mm Dual layed solid highest density sleeping foam and top layer of soft luxura.

UV stabilised polyester with PVC internal lining developed for NZ defence tent covers.
Aluminium Ladder with flat treads
Aluminium brush finish folding ladder
Test weight on floor
Not published

480kgs published with acceptable deflection.

(unit returned to normal after load removed)

Midge (sandfly) proof screen windows
Published as only mosquito proof.
Sandfly proof window and door screening is used. Necessary for coastal Australian conditions.
None published
up to 4 LED lights available with 2 reading lights , one over ladder and one in top of tent
None published
Under mattress 12V membrane heater available with timer controller.
None Published
12V 7ah battery available for included power plus lead to cigarette lighter outlet to access primary or second battery in vehicle if available
Integrated Awning
No Awning Shown
Star Awning integrates with Roof Top tent for up to 8.6sq m under cover. Awning weighs less than 6kgs and can be added to rear on arrival or carried on rear.
Add canvas / mesh walls for complete camping system
Change room walls available
Complete walls available that zip onto the Star awning and surround of roof top tent base to totally enclose the working area (except for vehicle side)

Base unit published at $1495

(plus freight)

Flat roof rack may be necessary addition

Base unit published at $2490

No special roof rack needed. (Only a 2 bar rack)